Baker on board!

Ships :: Lucas (Germany) begins his two-year commitment with Doulos Hope, serving as the baker.

With just a few months till launch, the crew for latest vessel Doulos Hope is beginning to form. And with over *3,000 officially recognised types of bread in Germany, it seems appropriate that Doulos Hope’s very first baker will be German-born Lucas, who is set to join the vessel for the next two years.

For her volunteer crew, breakfast on board Doulos Hope is looking promising! “German bread is great,” Lucas notes, “but I also like everything to do with the French or Italian style too and enjoy experimenting with things like baguettes or croissants.”

Lucas can see how God has been preparing him to take on the role of Doulos Hope’s very first baker. “At some point, I had to ask whether this faith was my faith or whether it was the faith of my parents. I realised I needed to figure out who God is for me personally. That’s a question you cannot Google the answer for.”

During a gap year with Agape UK, Lucas enjoyed a deeper time of getting to know God. “It was the first time I had someone mentor me and cover the basics…”

Here, he also began to think about his future steps. “I had heard about a project in Zambia where they teach people to learn a profession. So I thought I could learn a profession and at some point maybe teach people how to do it.”

“I saw on the website that Logos Hope was looking for hairdressers and bakers. And I thought, okay, hairdressing is not my thing, but being a baker might be! I like doing stuff with my hands; serving people,” says Lucas, “and people need food … so I started a baking apprenticeship in Germany.”

“Until now I’ve been working there, trying to get more experience, and maybe one day, I’ll be able to teach someone.”

“I also learnt to speak with people during [my] time [at Agape], because [at that stage] I preferred to work more with the computer than with people,” he laughs. “So I changed from this introvert who didn’t really want to talk to people, to someone who is willing to go on the ship and do something quite the opposite.”

“I like bread, the ocean, ships and travelling the world and now I’m combining it all together…”

Thank you for praying for Lucas as he steps out in faith and steps on board!

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