Doulos Hope sails to Singapore

Singapore :: Doulos Hope completes a period of dry dock in Singapore, as work continues to prepare the ship for launch

Just over three months have passed since Doulos Hope was officially added to OM’s fleet on Wednesday 25 May 2022.

Since then, much refurbishment work has already taken place in Penang, Malaysia, to progress toward launching the vessel into service within the next year.

In a maiden voyage on 20 July, Doulos Hope completed her very first sea trial, allowing crew to run a series of tests and evaluate the ship’s current performance. The success of this exercise allowed planning to proceed for her next voyage to Singapore, to enter a period of dry dock in Sembawang shipyard, from 25 August.

The vessel has just finished her time in dry dock, where the main renovation work was carried out by the shipyard. During this time, much of the barnacle growth resulting from the vessel’s last two years in dock was removed, making her more efficient when sailing.

Doulos Hope sets sail again on 6th September to Loyang Berth, Singapore, and will remain there for the next four months. Further technical projects to be completed include preparation for new ship stability conditions, as well as working towards the renewal of all DNV Class Surveys to enable operation for another five years.

Meanwhile, work continues on board to create space for a bookfair and book storage. This will enable the vessel to travel the world, sharing knowledge through the literature she will carry, with the port communities she visits.

Beyond the technical preparations, Doulos Hope will soon require her own crew and more prayer and financial supporters as the vessel launches into ministry.

CEO of OM's Ship Ministry, Seelan Govender says, “I would like to invite you to also join us in this journey towards launching Doulos Hope, and seeing this vessel serve as a catalyst to transform communities in the port cities we visit, through prayer, investing financially, or serving with us!'

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