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Ships :: Hyunsoo (New Zealand/South Korea) finds his place in bookfair

Joining Logos Hope wasn’t the first time Hyunsoo (New Zealand/South Korea) had experienced a major life change. In 2014, his family moved from South Korea to New Zealand to learn English for two years, and eight years later, Hyunsoo continues to call the picturesque country home. 

Having overcome the trials of moving countries and adjusting to a new culture, Hyunsoo was facing another challenge. “When you’re finishing school, people ask what you’re going to do next. I was thinking, ‘What should I do next year?’ The one thing that came to mind was the Ship Ministry.”

“I knew someone who’d already been on board for the short-term exposure programme (STEP). It sounded interesting to me. You’re selling books, but also travelling all around the world.” 
Soon, Hyunsoo was on his way to Logos Hope for his next life-changing experience. 

After onboard training, Hyunsoo was allocated to his work department: the bookfair! “I was so happy, but I also knew God put me in bookfair to grow me,” says Hyunsoo. In addition to helping visitors find and purchase their books, bookfair team members are on hand to answer any questions visitors may have or to explain more about ship life.

“Talking to visitors was especially challenging because I wouldn’t know what to say to them,” admits Hyunsoo. But since joining the bookfair, Hyunsoo can see a difference in himself. 

“[I] realise how important bookfair team members are because they interact with visitors the most,” says Hyunsoo. “Even a small conversation can be precious… “I use similarities between the visitors and myself to lead a conversation… Now I’ve done it so many times that I’m getting used to it…”

One such opportunity for connection is often the shared value of family. Once a family visited and said that they wished that God would grant their family good health. “We could pray about that and share more of our lives together,” explains a fellow visitor experience team member. Wanting to give something back in return, the family even helped to sweep the visitor experience deck when the bookfair was closing!

“The ship is a great place to try new things,” says Hyunsoo. “Before the ship, I stayed in my comfort zone. Now I’m learning to connect with people and build relationships.”

Your financial support this Christmas can help crewmembers like Hyunsoo, to grow and discover their God-given giftings, as they learn how in living each day for Him, God can use their lives wherever He places them.

Thank you for your gift – so that many more can come and adore Him. 

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