Shifting mindsets

FIT Global believes there is no need to leave your profession to join missions. Instead, use your profession in missions.

Your work, your mission field.

This is the reality for Formación Integral de Trabajadores Globales (Integral Formation of Global Workers also known as FIT Global) team members and trainees who, with enthusiasm and dedication, are willing to put their professions in the service of God, to be used wherever He sends them.

As a 22-week virtual training programme, FIT Global seeks to equip and assist Spanish-speaking followers of Jesus in their calling to the mission field using their professions. It is a transformative experience for those who dream of bringing the good news of God’s saving love through Jesus to those who have never heard it.

“For me, FIT Global was a mindset shift regarding myself, in understanding that everything God has placed in my hands is for the expansion of His Kingdom, and my profession is a bridge for that purpose,” said a participant of FIT Global 2022.

Although FIT Global started taking shape in 2018, it took time to design the course content, considering practically what a person would need to enter the workforce in another country, what a follower of Jesus would face when bringing the message of love to a place different from their culture and how they might stand firm in the face of adversity or challenge. The mix of missions, relationship with God, interpersonal skills and professional expertise all needed to be addressed. FIT Global, in its current format, was officially launched in 2020, gathering together essential personnel to teach and role model that mix.

Mario, one of the current coordinators and teachers, worked for several years in an employment company, training others through their jobs and skills. However, deep down, he was afraid of sending followers of Jesus out into the world, fearing they might drift away from their faith without a strong foundation or support system. Hearing of FIT Global, he realised that God had been preparing him to help send professionals to shine God’s light to the nations. Mario enjoys mentoring and guiding people in their journeys. “My profession allows me to help professionals find their place,” he explained. Everyone who is part of the FIT staff team has been called to contribute through their professional expertise and experience.

Go forth

The team recognises there is a difference between preparing Jesus followers to go and live in other countries with the aim of sharing God’s love through their everyday lives and from them actually going.

“It's different from sending a traditional missionary, which involves three aspects: the sending local church, the missionary agency and the worker who goes. In this, there's a fourth element, the business,” commented Hernan, FIT Global coordinator. “Why abandon a profession you're passionate about to share the love of Jesus? They can align perfectly with each other.”

FIT Global partners with other organisations in promoting holistic growth. The first half of the programme focuses on the heart and soul through topics such as spiritual disciplines, discipleship and biblical foundations. The second part concentrates on cultural and professional aspects. Each applicant goes through a selection process to weigh up their intentionality and heart for people around the world who have little or no access to the gospel.

“In the interview, we try to be as honest as possible because, although the course is exciting, we want to make sure the student will be able to commit for 24 weeks every Monday and some Fridays. They must have a clear understanding of why they're taking the course,” explained Giovanna, another course coordinator.

In addition to relevant professional expertise and interpersonal skills, applicants must have: “passion for their work, passion for the Lord and passion for missions” to be able to face challenges, disappointment and difficulty described Hernán. The process of training, arriving in a new country, finding a job related to one's profession and being a follower of Jesus who brings God’s light into situations is not a quick process. However, there are already visible fruits from FIT Global training.

A Colombian FIT Global student from the 2020-2021 training group migrated to Ireland. Though she had 18 years of professional experience, her initial idea was to work in areas not necessarily related to her profession, as some Latin migrants do. Participating in FIT motivated the woman to improve her English skills so that she could one day work in the profession she had trained in.

“When she arrived in Ireland, she opened a bank account, got social security and found a place to rent. God prepared everything, and she began working. It took a little while, but [then] she started working in something related to her profession. That's the mindset shift we want to encourage,” said Hernán.

Hernán also points out that FIT Global prepares participants for the long term. “Whilst the programme lasts for 24 weeks, we want to encourage extended continuity, creating a global community not necessarily limited to people directly affiliated with OM. We are all working for God’s Kingdom on earth, particularly in-country, where the synergy with other organisations is visible and emphasises our joint purpose,” he said.

FIT Global is truly a transformative course, not only for its trainers and trainees, but also for those who, through interaction with professional skill-based individuals, hear that God’s love is for all.

Pray for believers in Latin America to be equipped and encouraged to use their profession for God’s Kingdom. Please pray for the programme to be translated into other languages to impact more people.

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