Taking the next 'STEP' in Florence, USA

Florence, USA :: Join the 'STEP On Shore' programme today for a new adventure and a great first multicultural ministry experience abroad!

Visitors to the ships often ask the crew how the books they buy get to the ship. And it's a good question, because the Ships Ministry is not only made up of the crew on board, but extends to teams serving on shore, including those who prepare the book containers in Florence, South Carolina, USA, with the help of the STEP participants. 

'STEP On Shore' is a unique opportunity for people to serve God for two or three months, with OM's Ship Ministry at the Literature Ministry Center in Florence. The participants receive orientation and training to serve alongside the team at the centre — receiving, sorting and packing the literature for Logos Hope and Doulos Hope’s bookfairs, for sale online or for shipping in bulk to bookstores around the world.

Pavel Martinez, STEP On Shore coordinator, explains, “It's a programme that mobilises participants to bring the love of Jesus to people who don't yet know Him. We draw on what the Bible says on the subject, consider the different ways to be involved and how the participants become mobilisers once they return to their home churches. As part of the programme, we go through training for intercultural ministry.”

Participants stay in guest houses and apartments on the Florence campus where they can attend Ministry Center activities, prayer times and other team events during the week. They also enjoy free time on weekends together or visit the surrounding area and experience the history and culture of the Southern States.

Debby (South Korea), is currently head of the communications department on board Logos Hope and is an alumna of the STEP programme in Florence. She says the programme is an opportunity to understand how the warehouse works as a part of the Ships Ministry and to get to know local churches over a longer period of time. 

She recounts, “I saw how the books we wrapped [were] going [to] the ship’s container. At that point, even before I came to the ship, I learned that my small job was actually contributing to the Ship Ministry.”

Jannis (Germany) joined the programme last March, motivated by the desire to take a trip outside of Europe before going to university. In addition to the experience of living in a multicultural environment, he says he has learned a lot about what God is doing around the world, the power of prayer and has also grown in his relationship with God.

STEP opportunities, whether on board or on shore, are a great first approach to ministry and can open the door to a longer commitment. And even on their own, they are a valuable experience.

The uniqueness of ‘STEP On Shore’ as Pavel explains, is that it, “exposes the participants to a blend of cultures and ministry styles in a very safe environment, which makes it an excellent entry experience for multicultural ministry experience overseas.”

If someone you know is looking for a new adventure and a unique insight into OM's Ship Ministry in a shore-based environment, why not share about 'Step On Shore' with them today?

For further info, visit our opportunities page here

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