Top tips for avoiding seasickness

Logos Hope :: Do you struggle with seasickness? Our top tips for avoiding seasickness will ensure a smooth and happy voyage.

Being out at sea is an incredible experience. Seeing dolphins swim alongside the ship, feeling the breeze on your face, hearing lapping waves, and even tasting the salt in the air are just some of the beautiful moments on the voyage towards the next port.

But, for some, journeying across the oceans isn’t the dreamy experience they’d hoped for.

Even professional seafarers can suffer from seasickness if weather conditions are rough. Everyone has their own ways of coping, but here are some tried and tested tips for YOUR next ocean-going voyage.

Fresh air helps

Much like other types of motion sickness, being outside and breathing fresh air helps to keep seasickness at bay. Make your way to an outer deck and take some deep, slow breaths, concentrating your eyes on the horizon. But make sure that weather conditions are safe before venturing outdoors!


Eat little and often

Snacking and sipping water regularly helps keep your stomach satisfied, but not too full or too empty. Avoid drinking too much on an empty stomach and steer clear of dairy or rich, creamy foods. Salty snacks, like popcorn or crackers, or boiled sweets are ideal. Keep some on hand as you go about the day.


Get some rest

It is normal to feel extra sleepy during a voyage, so it’s important to keep a good sleeping routine to ensure a full night’s rest. Stay away from screens and bright lights, try earplugs if engine noises are too much, and create a calming pre-bedtime routine to prepare your mind for rest.

Distract your mind

Listening to podcasts, journaling, reading or mindfully colouring are all great distractions. Keeping your mind occupied gives you less time to focus on feeling sick. Beware that screen time can make you feel worse, so this probably isn’t the best time to binge-watch your favourite series.


Stick to the centre

The middle of a ship, known as midships, is generally the most stable place on board and the best place to be if you’re feeling queasy. This is because it acts like an axis everything moves around, so you will experience less movement than elsewhere on board.


But if in doubt, don’t wait to find out! Take seasickness medication early and regularly, so you can enjoy the beauty of being out on the open ocean.

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