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Doulos Hope :: Crewmembers Annie and Vanessa (Zambia), discover how their work can be an act of worship

Saying yes to their next adventure with God, crewmembers Annie and Vanessa (Zambia), stepped out in faith to join newest fleet vessel, Doulos Hope, just over two months ago. Life on board finds both crewmembers working in very different environments than they are used to, but they are relishing the experience of learning what it means to live for God in whatever context He places them and how they can worship Him in their everyday work lives.

Having previously been involved in youth work at a local church in Zambia, today Annie is part of Doulos Hope’s housekeeping team. Her department helps keep visitor spaces clean on board the ship, as well as look after the guest cabins.

“I’ve learnt that God is the God of all,” says Annie. “It’s not just about when you kneel down and pray. Sometimes I’ve found myself cleaning the cabins and found myself grumbling within and complaining. And then one day I asked myself, ‘What if Jesus were the one who was to use this cabin next? What would you do?’ And I said to myself, ‘I’d make sure I could clean it with all my ability.’ So from that time on, whatever I'm doing… I have that picture… From that time on I do it with joy.”

Meanwhile, Vanessa works as a leader in the ‘Hope Café.’ Once visitors have enjoyed the opportunity to access the wide range of literature on offer in the onboard bookfair, Vanessa’s team are on hand to welcome them to the café. “Serving the people is a demonstration of God’s love…” says Vanessa. “We share joy and love while we connect with them, provide a safe and beautiful surrounding for them, and there’s food of course!”

While her current role is very different to the work in which she was involved in Zambia, Vanessa is excited about how her new leadership position has been challenging and shaping her:

“I was serving with a ministry that works with people with disabilities, teaching and providing care for them. I have a sister who has a disability, so that gave me the passion to work with people with disabilities. But after a time in the role, I felt that God was calling me to step out of my comfort zone and step into a new challenge… and [the ship] was the door that He opened.

“God is using this time to work on me as an individual. Taking on a leadership role is something I’ve never done before…. He is strengthening me to step up to some new things. Before I would resolve to hide away from everyone, but now I have nowhere to hide, so I pray and step up.

“It’s helping me to grow and I want to see more of that in myself, that I can grow and also impact other people’s lives and contribute to change, positively. Almost everything is very new, so I’m really excited to share [what I’m learning] with others, wherever it is I’ll go next.”

Your gift to our Christmas Appeal will help support the work of the ships and invest in the growth of crewmembers like Annie and Vanessa who are seeking to live out a lifestyle of worship. Thank you for your donation – so that many more may come and adore Him.

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