HIV medical support in Nepal

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Sunil met Kavita at the hospital with tears streaming down her face. She had just suffered the devastating diagnosis of HIV. Many people in Nepal know very little about this virus beyond how serious the prognosis can be. She believed she was going to die. Sunil, an AIDSLink worker in Nepal, and his team were quick to give Kavita hope. They worked with her to comfort, counsel, and show her that she still had a life after her diagnosis. Knowing practically nothing about the virus, or the required care, AIDSLink staff worked hard to guide her in the right direction. Kavita was taken to a local hospital for treatment where she began Antiretroviral therapy. She was able to move from weakness, hopelessness, and emptiness to joy, hope, and peace. Kavita no longer felt like her life was ending and she grew stronger again with proper nutrition, rest, and medical care. Even her husband, who had shared her diagnosis and had been too weak to stand, was able to walk again.

“Through AIDSLink Nepal, I learned that HIV positive people can have a long healthy, and peaceful life, full of joy”.

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