J & V (couple) – 75029230
Central Asia

After coming to know the Lord Jesus, we both had a desire to reach Turks with the gospel. Soon after we met each other together, we realised that we have the same heart for the Turks. Our primary goal is to return to Turkey in order to serve the Lord Jesus there. Significantly, there is a considerably large diaspora of Turks living outside Turkey that we are eager to reach while we are not there.

Turkey today is considered one of the largest unreached nations in the world. Although the body of Christ is small in Turkey, it has a real understanding of suffering. Given the increasing Islamisation of the country, it is even more of an urgent task to take the gospel to these people who are deserving of hearing the wonderful good news of our Saviour for they will be around the throne worshipping the Lamb (Rev. 5).


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