Ben Everard
Internships Coordinator

A few years ago, God challenged Ben to use his talents and passion to be more missional and equip the Next Generation. While at Bible College he contemplated an array of ideas, however, it was during a mission night that Ben heard about opportunities within OM Australia. This began Ben’s journey to become OM’s National Internship Coordinator.

 As National Internship Coordinator for “The Journey”, Ben’s role is to help people/interns highlight their skills and gifts in mission. This is done through coordinating interns in partnership with local churches enabling them to flourish in ministry, to equip the interns through serving at OM’s National Office and creating growth through learning in a Diploma of Ministry.  The program seeks to get people off the sidelines and stop waiting for a lightning bolt to tell them to actively seek what God has in store for them. This year of discerning could provide the key to the next step in their journey.


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