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God always has a mission and a purpose in all He does. He creates for a reason, He blesses for a reason, He saves for a reason and this is that all creation would praise Him, enjoy Him and worship Him.

In their teen years this couple came to experience this saving God, enjoying His love, mercy and forgiveness. God blessed them with the ability to travel and serve Him on many short trips overseas. Through these trips God developed in them a growing burden for the millions of unreached people that do not give God the praise and worship that He deserves. Along with the Psalmist we too desire to see all people praising God.

Together with their Church they prayed about how they could respond to the vast numbers of people unreached by the Gospel. After two years of studying at Bible Collage, they were compelled to join God in His mission and eagerly worked with the church towards the possibility of making God’s salvation known among many Muslims in Central Asia.

After learning the required language, they now hope to start working with church planting teams, reaching out to those that are seeking the truth. Through Bible correspondence courses and personal witness we hope to share the good news of the Gospel.

They look forward to you joining them in God’s mission as they seek to see Muslims come to praise God.

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C (Family) 75022634

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