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I was truly blessed to grow up in a Christian home, where God’s word was read at dinner and we would pray every night. Even though I grew up in this sort of environment, that didn’t mean that my parents’ faith was my own. It took a death in the family to really make me take my faith seriously, where previously I took it somewhat for granted. I knew the stuff I needed to say, but in my heart I was lukewarm. I realised that God wants His followers to be on fire for Him! It was after this that I had to work out what I believed and was convicted by God’s saving grace!

When I was 8 years old, at a Christian convention, I felt that God had called me to mission. That call has remained on my heart since that moment. It was last year that I earnestly felt called to go to Ireland, but wasn’t sure it was possible. But that’s where I am wrong because with God all things are possible! I am strongly convicted of God’s call to minister His word to the unreached people of Ireland and look forward to the opportunities that await me there!

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Charis Ormesher

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