Jordan Stoyanoff
The Journey Internship Facilitator

Jordan’s passion is helping young people to grow as followers of Jesus. Having worked with young people in high schools and churches for many years, he has noticed that young people are eager to take the next steps in their faith, yet they are often unsure of how to do so.

‘The Journey’ Internship provides the pathway for young people to discover the next steps. The interns explore how they can use their unique passions, gifts and abilities to serve the mission of seeing vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached. Jordan is excited and energised by being a part of the development of the next generation of missionaries who may serve locally or abroad.

As the internship facilitator, Jordan’s role is to assist the interns in their study of a Diploma of Ministry. Helping them to learn and grow in their understanding of God, as well through mentoring and coaching them, to apply their knowledge to their lives and ministry.


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