Kimberly Low
Short Term Teams Coordinator

Kimberly joined OM in 2015, serving with OM Nepal for 2 years.  While there, Kimberly experienced what it meant to weep with those who weep. The earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015 left the people in a state of grief which could not be healed even when their homes were rebuilt. Kimberly learned that sometimes, a compassionate tear could be more powerful in sharing Christ’s heart with the lost than a thousand wise words of comfort.

In 2017, Kimberly felt called to return home to Australia to share her experiences and encourage the Australian church to heed the call of world evangelism, both locally and overseas. She began her role as Short Term Teams Coordinator in January 2018, actively encouraging and praying that those who are sent out short term will be impacted and challenged by the need of the world for long term service.


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