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Chile offers a variety of wonderful tourist attractions. Its people are friendly and very hospitable. The economy, one of the best within South America because of its success in mining and wine production. Essentially, it is an amazing nation to visit and learn to love. I ask you, however, to take a moment to look deeper into the heart of it with me. I believe you’ll discover another world, as have I.

In Chile, 10,000+ children are being attended to by the children’s services, SENAME. About 250 Residencies of Protection are in place hosting an average of 40-80 children per home. Of these children who need protection, 5% is because of POVERTY, 18% from PARENTAL NEGLECT, 32% for PHYSICAL & PSYCOLOGICAL ABUSE and 45% because of SEXUAL ABUSE. There is a need to care for these children who are being classed as ‘orphans’, emotional orphans; growing up without parents or a sufficient support structure.

After 5 years of ministry in Chile, I’m heading back for another commitment. I’ll oversee the co-ordination of Proyecto Rubi, working with children who are living in Residencies of Protection. I’ll have the privilege of co-ordinating training, inspiring others to become involved and developing more teams to reach more children.

God holds his promise for these children. In Ezekiel 36:26-27 God shares how capable he is of turning a heart of stone into a heart of flesh and giving a new spirit. I work with children whose spirits have been crushed and hearts hardened by the abuse they’ve suffered. Another promise is found in 1st Thessalonians 1:5-8 which shares how despite severe suffering that another can come to have joy in God and share his message of salvation with others. These are the two promises that I stand on and press into God for these children.

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