Lynn Reddan
On maternity leave

Growing up as an only child in a nominally Buddhist family in Vietnam, Lynn came to Australia to study accounting with no knowledge of Christianity or Jesus. Through His grace and the determination of a few faithful workers for Christ at Swinburne University, she came to know His love and sacrifice for her. From then on, Lynn has always wanted to serve God. Despite lacking confidence, Lynn kept asking God what He wanted her to do. One day, a lady at church told Lynn about OM and she felt God telling her ‘this is why I planned for you to learn accounting and other admin skills’. Using her skills at OM has helped Lynn experience how Christians can serve, both overseas and in an office environment.

Lynn believes that the Lord asks us to use what we have to serve Him faithfully. Lynn’s role is to assist people by efficiently processing finance and administration tasks. This enables others to work unhindered in what God has called them to do. Lynn’s prayer is that with the assistance of the National Office support team, more and more people will be able to go and serve Him in different countries according to His will.


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