Matt Aeschlimann
The Journey - Intern

From as early as I believed in God and his wonder, I have been searching for a way to use my skills and abilities to express both my love for creativity and God’s love for creation. My life journey has led me to OM, with their vision to see everyone have the chance to hear the Gospel at least once. Through their practical aid and outreach I hope to fulfill this daring call and use both my passion and compassion to see it through.

When I was young I learnt that not everyone had what they needed. My childish ignorance in not understanding why people didn’t just help them, as well as my love for creativity and imagination saw me decide to draw and build houses for poor people when I grew up. This innocent life goal stuck with me, however I came to realise that I would have to be devoted to see my goal become real. Through my adolescence, into my adulthood, and through my growth in faith, this goal has grown into a burning desire to see people’s lives changed as their needs are met, both here on earth and in the spirit. I would never have imagined the journey God would take me on and I can’t wait for what He has next.



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