Matt & Femke Swanton
Serving in Belgium

When we served together on Logos Hope, one of our defining passions was to be intimately involved in cross-cultural missions, seeing God’s church growing and flourishing where it once was dead. Since November 2012, Matt has relocated himself to Tienen, a small city in the middle of Dutch-speaking Belgium. Tienen epitomises the need for the gospel across this tiny, often-ignored country – of the 30,000 people living here, only 40-50 are part of a local church community. Disillusionment with faith and apathy to spiritual matters mark Belgian culture, and this has stirred our hearts to serve these people in an effort to point them to the God who loves them.

We long to serve together and point to the saving work Jesus Christ has done in our own lives, and help those around us see His glory and worship Him the same. Amongst the work of sharing the gospel through the relationships built in Tienen, our work with OM will continue. Matt will participate in the organisation and leading of ministries (especially with music and the arts), while Femke will serve in a much-needed administrative role while completing her studies. Please pray about how you can partner with us in this vital work!


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