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Ever since becoming a Christian, I’ve always wanted to participate in cross-cultural mission.

It began with regular prayer for unreached people groups in Africa, reading newsletters and testimonies of missionaries and mission agencies, participating in Adelaide mission focussed groups, hosting and talking to missionaries/mentors and helping support missionaries sent from the churches we have attended.

Cross-cultural mission has always been a”natural” and necessary part of my parents’ as well as my immediate family’s priorities.

Why the Near East?

More Muslims have become Christians in the last 20 years than at any time in history. The opportunities to reach this group of 1.7 billion people are unprecedented.

There are 27 nations in the world where Arabic is the official language. They represent 300 million people.

We have the professional skills and the desire to connect with them.

But we can’t do it without speaking the language. The next two years will mean going”back to school” to learn Arabic as we trust God to lead us towards a longer commitment in the Near/Middle East.

We know that it won’t be easy.

But, the cost of leaving Isabella, Monique and our church family behind, as well as uprooting Calvin from his school and friends, pales in comparison to the joy of knowing that this is exactly where God wants us to be!

Thank you for considering partnering with us, as part of a long term investment in Muslim majority nations.

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