Noddy Sharma
National Director

Noddy and his wife, Alison, grew up in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Both their families served with mission organisations and as a result, they have known of each other for their entire lives. During their teen years, they bumped into each other periodically as their families had both moved back to Melbourne. They were married in 2000.

Noddy began an internship at NewHope Baptist Church while starting his Bachelor of Theology at Tabor College (later transferring to Whitley), combining his studies for ordination.  After almost 8 years on staff at NewHope, Noddy and Alison sensed God calling them to Heathmont Baptist where Noddy served as a pastor for almost 3 years before accepting the call as National Director for OM Australia.

Noddy and Alison have a deep love for God, a heart for people, a passion for the church and a desire to grow and develop leaders. They feel the inheritance of mission has been handed down from their parents and is now being fulfilled. Serving God in OM is so rewarding and they would not want to be doing anything else.


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