Stephanie McWilliam
Serving in Zambia

From a young age, I felt the call to be involved in overseas missions. My parents often invited missionaries home for dinner, and I grew up hearing about God’s work in other countries. This call became more focused at the age of 15 when an African children’s choir visited my Church. At one point, the children talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up. It was inspiring to hear their hopes and dreams, but also heartbreaking that for many of them, education opportunities would be limited. I was filled with a deep sense of compassion for these children, and I felt a strong conviction that God could use me over there in a teaching capacity. Over the last 10 years, I’ve been teaching and working with young people. I’ve realised that God was preparing me during this period, and I believe it is now God’s timing for me to use these skills in Zambia. I’ll be working with OM to help train teachers in mathematics at their teachers’ college. I am excited to help train local teachers, which I feel will have a long-lasting impact in their communities. I hope also to immerse myself in the culture, looking for opportunities to build relationships, and share God’s love.


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