Trish Sonsie
Head Bookkeeper

Having served on OM’s ship, MV Doulos, in the early ‘90’s, Trish witnessed the meaning of ‘transforming lives and communities’. While on board, she was sent in teams from the ship sharing the love of God and offering practical help in many ports around the world.

Trish acknowledges the privilege it is to serve with OM, sending and supporting new workers God entrusts to us.  Trish loves building relationships with these people and loves seeing God provide in amazing ways as they step out in faith. For Trish, it is a joy to use her skills and experiences to enable others to serve in ministry. In partnership with other departments, Trish’s work forms part of a larger, common goal – preparing and sending out workers to the harvest field to share the gospel of Jesus.

Trish met her husband, John, while they were serving on the MV Doulos. Along with their two children, Josiah and Natasha, they feel privileged to still be part of this amazing world-wide family.


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