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North Africa

Please note that this page is for supporting an OM family serving in North Africa with Partner Code 75006905.

After 12 years serving with OM Ships, this family moved back to Albany in 2011. While this was primarily for the husband to undertake a business degree to equip him in being able to use business in a missional context, he also continued to serve with OM coordinating work within North Africa. During the past 6 years they have been praying for God’s leading about where they should serve next and recently God gave them both a great sense of peace and clear conviction about moving to a country in North Africa.

Lord willing, they plan to leave Australia in May 2017 and spend three months reconnecting with family in Germany, as well as other friends and supporters in Europe. During this time the husband will also have meetings with believers from other Christian organisations who are using adventure/extreme sports in missional business pursuits.

This brings them to their longer-term vision: to be intentional about living and speaking out their faith to those with limited or no access to the Gospel. They want to do this in a way that respects and builds up the local community, and plan to be genuine and professional in operating an adventure sports tourism business. This will give them legitimacy in the eyes of the community, as well as create opportunities to build relationships – and possibly some income in years to come!

Their initial two years will be primarily focused on learning language and understanding local culture – both vital to long-term effectiveness in the region.


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