75003086 - OM Family
W (Family) – 75006905
Serving with OM
North Africa

Please note that this page is for supporting an OM family serving in North Africa with Partner Code 75006905.

This family has been serving in North Africa since 2017 when they started with learning the local language and understanding local culture: a process they say will take a lifetime to complete! The husband is developing an adventure sports tourism business which has given him amazing access into the lives of those in the local community and has opened many opportunities for gospel conversations. The wife has taken on doing on-line (home) schooling with their children, but has also been able to develop some special relationships with local women and is being salt and light to them. This family is focused on working among a least reached people group within a country that has more than 99.9% who believe in the majority religion from the region. The work here is slow and steady, and a long-term view to relationships and sharing is key.


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